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about us

Launched by a leading global Telecom Company, Nutsh enables businesses and individuals to connect with people easily and hassle-free.

The Nutsh Virtual Number is one of our new pioneering projects designed for those who strive to be exceptional and innovative; it allows you to safely share your phone numbers without compromising your own privacy.

This technology is ideal for meeting new people, dating, social media networking, online and offline trading, and much more.

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Offline Voice Interaction

Interact with people offline and receive unlimited phone calls without compromising your privacy.

Guaranteed Privacy Preservation

By default, the privacy feature is enabled which will prevent callers from contacting you directly; they can only leave you voice messages till you assign them to your friends’ list. You can disable the privacy feature from your profile anytime and receive calls directly from anonymous people, unless they are blocked.

Profit Generator

With every incoming phone call you receive on your Nutsh Number, the per-minute call becomes a per minute profit for you

User Friendly Service

Nutsh will provide you an easy-to-use interface where you can screen your calls, manage your callers, monitor your income, and collect your money anytime and anywhere.

Instant SMS Notification

Whoever leaves you a voice message, an SMS notification will be sent to you instantly.

Changeability of Numbers

At any time, you can drop the Nutsh Number you are using and replace it with a new one


  • How much does a Nutsh Number cost?

    Nutsh Number costs approximately 1$ per month depending on your country.

  • Will I get paid for receiving calls?

    Yes, you will get paid for every minute your caller spends on the line.

  • How much money can I make per minute?

    Your per minute profit ranges between 0.01$ and 0.10$ depending on your country.

  • How will I get paid?

    Whenever you wish, you can instantly collect your money via Skrill payment solution.

  • How many Nutsh Numbers can I have?

    It depends on how many mobile numbers you have, because a Nutsh Number can only be assigned to one mobile number.

  • How can I receive direct calls?

    You can receive direct calls when you assign a caller to your friends list, or when you uncheck your profile’s privacy feature for anonymous people to contact you directly.

  • Can I block callers?

    Yes, you can block callers anytime and they won’t be able to call you or leave you messages.

  • How much will callers pay?

    Callers will pay the international call rates allotted by their own operators.

  • Is the Nutsh Number reachable worldwide?

    Not yet. We are currently working on expanding Nutsh Numbers’ coverage to be reached by worldwide destinations.

  • Can I change my Nutsh Number?

    Yes, you can drop the Nutsh Number you are using and replace it with a new one anytime.

  • How can I cancel my Nutsh Number?

    You can cancel your Nutsh Number simply by clicking on ‘deactivate’ button from your profile. Also, if you don’t renew after expiration. Note that your Nutsh Number will automatically be renewed if you have more than 0.5$ in your account unless deactivated.

  • Does my Nutsh Number expire?

    Yes, each time your renew it for 30 days.